Instagram abandons nametag for QR codes

So you can take advantage of the use of QR codes at home

Instagram bets on the use of QR codes

QR codes are more fashionable than ever for various reasons, but mainly because of everything that the pandemic is assuming. When it comes to avoiding contact with everyday objects, these codes are being very useful, for example, in restaurants so that customers can see the menu of dishes.

However, the use of QR codes goes far beyond what many might imagine. It is true that in restaurants and other types of businesses they are useful, but also within the home. As we recently mentioned, QR codes can be used to have information on the inventory of a closet or box, to have access to useful information for those who come to visit us, to share the password of the WiFi network and much more.

Well, now it is Instagram that is going to boost its use even more by integrating it into its application. If until now there were different ways to share our user profile such as the URL, username or nametag, now the latter are beginning to replace with QR codes.

The advantage of these QR codes instead of the nametag It is obvious. The former can be read with a large number of applications, from dedicated readers to compatible camera applications that are installed by default in the vast majority of mobile phones that we all currently have in our pocket.

However, the nametag they were limited to reading it through the Instagram application's own camera exclusively. So it's easy to imagine the impact it will have as more and more users start to use a feature that became available in Japan a matter of a year ago.

How to create QR code on Instagram

The use of QR codes by Instagram is no surprise. As we have commented, the pandemic has reinforced the use of this technology that has been with us for years. So, the question you might be asking yourself is how to create your own QR code to link to your Instagram profile.

Well, the process is very simple. The first thing you should do is make sure you have received the corresponding update from the Instagram application. Once you have it, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Open your Instagram app
  2. Tap on the profile icon
  3. Access the Confioguration
  4. Select QR Code

Ready, the image you will see is the QR code created exclusively for your Instagram profile. Share it, print it or do what you think is most appropriate so that anyone who reads it can discover your user profile on the platform.


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