Xiaomi’s food disinfection machine

Xiaomi food purifier

Through Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform, the company has published a product that seems to be taking full attention. It is a food disinfection and purification machine, a curious gadget that is responsible for removing pesticide residues and killing bacteria that may be found in some foods. This machine is based on an oxidation process to disinfect 99.9% products that are submerged in the container in which the so-called DunHome

The product is presented as follows:

In times of epidemic, invisible threats affect family health. The diets of babies, pregnant mothers and the elderly should be more careful. This food disinfection and purification machine efficiently applies electrolysis to harmful residues of food ingredients, and eliminates a variety of bacteria, protecting the food security of the whole family.

The message that accompanies the product is of course somewhat alarming, but effective. The financing campaign has reached a 1,281% collection, so the product can already be considered a success. And it is that with a 99.9% disinfection rate, the device ensures that food will be free of pesticides and threatening bacteria. But how does it work?

Xiaomi food purifier

Disinfecting food with electrolysis

Xiaomi food purifier

The device is a electrolytic sheet that once introduced into a container with water next to food begins to generate a large amount of hydrogen ions, hydroxyl, hydroxide, hypochlorite and other oxidizing ions of great strength. This generates a striking foam that gives way to a second phase, in which the hypochlorous acid generated is responsible for attacking and destroying the cell phones of the pesticidal bacteria, in addition to the water being able to penetrate the meat, thus eliminating antibiotics. and growth hormones that they may contain (or so at least the manufacturer assures).

The device has three different modes that will depend on the food to be disinfected (meat, vegetables and fruits, and seeds), and the acting time will be 15, 12 and 8 minutes respectively.

This disinfection machine has a promotional price of 469 Chinese yuan (61 euros in exchange), although its official price will be 91 euros when it is finally put up for sale.