Mario’s world in real life

Super Nintendo World

After many months of work and construction, the new Super Nintendo World It’s something like a real-world Super Mario world. The park will open in summer in Osaka, and in it, visitors will wear a smart bracelet with which to collect coins while visiting the park. In addition, there are tests and final enemies to beat, so we will practically be immersed in the Nintendo video game.

The experience is complemented by the aforementioned bracelet (available in several models according to the character you want to be) and an application for the mobile in which all the advances and currencies achieved will be recorded. Let’s say it’s something like a quantification application that obtains the results for events in real time, where in addition to improving our profile scores, we can compete with other players at the same time.

The application will help us to see the number of coins that we carry and even to review the map of the site, to know what areas we have to discover and what missions remain to be done.

At the moment, little is known about the activities that will be available or what we can do exactly, although Universal has commented that one of the missions will be to rescue a golden mushroom stolen by Bowser Jr. On the official website, we can read that there will be a Mario Kart attraction very real and another in which we will go on the back of Yoshi.

The park will open in summer, so Universal Studios Park in Osaka will be the first park in the world to enjoy the Nintendo universe in real life. He will be followed by other locations, which to be exact will be Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore, although for now it has not been revealed when the works will begin in those locations, so at the moment you will have no choice but to travel to Osaka to enjoy of this amazing Mushroom Kingdom in real size.