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Images reveal iPad Pro with unnecessary triple rear camera

Images reveal iPad Pro with unnecessary triple rear camera

Designer Sonny Dickson claims to have got his hands on a dummy of the new iPad Pro. The most striking feature is the triple rear camera configuration, similar to the new iPhones.

ipad pro
Dummy of the new iPad Pro

According to the image, Apple seems to be really striving to bring iPads to the same photographic quality level as iPhones. The triple sensor will probably have the angular camera, featured on the iPhone 11.

Dickson is the designer who a few months ago unveiled the iPhone 11 cover design in renders. As such, Dickson already has some reputation as providing the right information about the technology world.

Camera quality plus iPad OS: the ideal video machine?

During its presentation at the WWDC 2019 event, Apple spoke of the upcoming iOS 13 and the so-called iPad OS. The latter is a complete transformation from iOS to iPads. The differences are mainly in multitasking and photo and video editing.

So if the new iPad Pro brings camera quality equal to iPhones, users will be able to shoot with iPad and edit videos on time. Or shoot with an iPhone and edit on the iPad.

Do we really need good rear cameras on a tablet?

As a personal matter, I have always been surprised at the insistence of putting good rear cameras on tablets. I remember buying a Google Nexus 7 in 2013 and coming across a rear camera higher than the front. This is in a device whose photographic need focuses on video calls.

Let's face it, despite the augmented reality and other potential for rear cameras, a tablet needs a good front camera, period. In Apple's case, several users make use of FaceTime, for example. If iPad Pro is a work tool, it would make sense to put better quality in the front camera.

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