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Iluv SyrenPro: the complete review

Iluv SyrenPro: the complete review

Iluv SyrenPro: the promise

The iLuv SyrenPro is a Bluetooth speaker for less than 200 euros supposed to deliver 360-degree sound indoors, but also on the go thanks to its integrated battery. Resistant to UV rays and water splashes, we can even say that it is cut for adventure. We reviewed it as part of our ongoing wireless speaker review.

Iluv SyrenPro: the reality

We were pleasantly surprised by the design of this plastic column, about 30 cm high. A downward vent draws air in and sends it to the speaker on top of the enclosure. This careful placement allows you to enjoy the sound optimally, even when you are behind the speaker. The SyrenPro weighs almost 2 kg but is easily transported thanks to a handle placed at the back. Inside, you connect the speaker to the electrical outlet via the adapter provided. Outside, its built-in battery gives it wings: we measured excellent battery life: more than 11 hours of uninterrupted listening. We are more skeptical, however, about the adventurous aspect of the device. Of course, the case is resistant to water splashes, but we do not recommend leaving it in driving rain because the water then falls directly into the speaker!

The SyrenPro speaks to you!

When you get started, the SyrenPro gives you a “Ready!” “. Other sound messages are emitted, for example during Bluetooth pairing. This operation does not pose any particular problem but could be even simpler thanks to the NFC, which tends to be generalized. For non-Bluetooth devices, iLuv has provided an auxiliary audio input in jack format at the rear (the audio cable is supplied). You have buttons on the top to control the volume, but also the playback (pause, next and previous song). Good point, the speaker holds the road well and does not saturate when we crank up the volume.

Correct sound but nothing more

Listening, the sound is satisfactory but a little tinny. We appreciated the sound rendering of the details but regretted a lack of roundness. This can be a problem if you listen to music such as jazz or classical. You must then make a correction with the equalizer on your smartphone or tablet. The bandwidth measurement shows a curve that is certainly extended (83 to 21,389 Hz), but unfortunately very irregular. Finally, the purchase of a second speaker allows you to create a true stereo sound system. To configure the two SyrenPro, just flip a switch on the back which offers three choices: single speaker, left and right. It’s a real pleasure to listen to songs that take advantage of stereo. Fans of the Beatles and Pink Floyd will appreciate.


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