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Ikea gives color to its Symfonisk speakers

Colored Symfonisk speakers

The accessories market can be really fruitful. And that is why it is not surprising that there are so many companies making products for which other companies create. For example, the hundreds of covers, cables, protectors and much more that the smartphone sector moves thanks to such popular proposals as Apple’s iPhone.

Moreover, the company itself realized this great business a long time ago and began, more and more, to sell its own accessories. This is how the Apple Store has been filling with cases of all kinds of materials and designs for the iPhone and iPad. Not to mention the thousands of Apple Watch straps that are sold. Because, let’s face it, we all tire of seeing our product always the same, no matter how much we like its original design. So a little color or change of look every so often never hurts.

Ikea, which knows a lot about decoration issues and the importance of design, has launched a series of accessories for your Symfonisk smart speaker range. These are colored fronts and tights that will give it a different touch. These will be available in both red and blue and they add to the current offer of black and white models. Thus, combining everything you could have speakers in white and red, white and blue, black and red and finally black and blue.

Of course, these fronts are currently only available in some stores in specific countries and are priced at 8 euros for the front for the shelf speaker and 10 euros for the lamp speaker, both belonging to Ikea’s Symfonisk series of smart speakers.

If they are successful, it would not be strange if they launched limited editions in collaboration with different artists as they usually do every year with other types of objects that they sell in their stores.

Ikea, the connected home

For quite some time now, Ikea has been gradually entering the market of the connected home. First came the smart bulbs from the Tradfri series and later came other products such as sensors of various types, switches and smart speakers.

In all these products, their possibilities stood out, the integration with various home automation systems such as Google Assistant, Alexa and more recently HomeKit thanks to the use of its bridge or Hub. An accessory that, in addition, allows you to control these aforementioned speakers and that we ourselves analyzed the Symfonisk series a long time ago by means of voice commands.

So, if you didn’t know them yet, we leave you our video where we show everything you need to know about them and, most importantly, how they behave when playing audio. A quality that we already advance you that is at a great level. And it is not surprising, because these speakers are born from the collaboration with Sonos, a company with years of experience in the sector.

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