IKEA decided to take the information that Google Maps gives users and turn it into savings immediately. You only have to show the distance from your home to IKEA in the “history” of Google Maps and you are entitled to discounts on purchases.

Unfortunately this pilot program is only available in Dubai right now, however, if all goes well, I see no reason not to have it here.

How the IKEA and Google Maps partnership consists

IKEA Store

After the user has verified their home on Google Maps and IKEA, they only have to show the distance they traveled to get there when paying.

Google Maps, for those who do not know, basically stores all the information wherever you are. If you access your browsing history, you are guaranteed to be surprised by the amount of information you are giving to Google.

What kind of discounts do you have on the new campaign

Google Maps IKEA

A 5-minute trip, for example, entitles you to a hot dog. If you have a 2-hour trip, you are entitled to take, without paying anything, a bookcase (billy).

IKEA Google maps

Honestly, just for those “cinnamon swirl” for sale in your restaurant it was worth the trip. It is just a pity that for now it is only available in Dubai.

IKEA technological products that are worth knowing

IKEA has been improving its range of technological products and currently has a repertoire of products that technology lovers will surely love. Here are some of my favorites and I can hardly wait to have them here at home.

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