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IFTTT changes the rules of home automation

IFTTT Pro and the end of advanced home automation for many

IFTTT Light Services

IFTTT has always been one of the most interesting services on the internet when it comes to automating actions. The potential it offered was tremendous and with a little patience very interesting integrations were achieved. We ourselves have spoken on more than one occasion, such as, for example, it could be used to activate your heating system before arriving home, turn on smart light bulbs when receiving a notification on social networks or email, etc.

All these options, especially those that implied the use of different connected devices that are already common in many homes, were the ones that gave great value to a service that until now had been completely free. But everything comes to an end, although the problem is how it has affected the free option that will continue to be available.

With the arrival of IFTTT Pro the company offers advanced and much more complex automations in exchange for a monthly payment. That is, by 9.99 euros per month, this subscription will allow you to do everything you have already been doing and much more without any limits. However, by introducing this modality the free service is affected and now it will only allow three automations.

This means that many users are now faced with the problem that everything they have been working on for months is dropped. So either they pay or many of the scheduled actions they have created to make their home automation work almost automatically will no longer be available. And yes, if they use it advanced it is true that it will surely compensate them to pay for the pro service. The problem is that there are already so many subscriptions that we all start to get tired of so many recurring payments.

Luckily, the first year you will be able to save an extra. Because until October 7 You can decide how much to pay for those first 12 months, with 1.99 euros being the minimum amount. But after that time, you will have three options: migrate to another similar solution if there is one or they launch it, pull only the official options of each device and its apps, or accept that you have to pay.

Whatever it is, you will have to decide. Luckily, it must be said that home automation platforms such as Google, Apple or Amazon increasingly offer more options. Especially Alexa, which, being cloud-based, offers, along with its routines, very varied possibilities as well. So despite the stick resulting from the IFTTT change, if you weren’t an intensive user of it, you will be able to find solutions more easily.

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