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iFixit took apart the Apple AirPods and the result was … zero

After much waiting, Apple AirPods finally hit the market by assuming Apple's response to the US giant's bold removal of the headphone jack. Naturally, this Apple product was not long in the hands of the iFixit staff, who disassembled the device and concluded that it should receive the worst possible result.

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Yes, when it comes to repair, these new Apple AirPods got a score of 0. Obviously, if you consider the price of the product, this could be worrying for anyone who has already purchased the product and discouraging for anyone considering buying it. . This one score It is precisely the construction of the equipment: when opening the earphones it is possible to verify that everything is glued and well sealed.


On the other hand, we must recognize and highlight the quality and ingenuity of this Apple product: Weighing only 8 grams (4 grams each headset) lies within each not only the headphone system, but also a small battery, the small chip Apple W1 wireless, microphone, accelerometer and proximity sensors.

Looking at what has been said in the previous paragraph, it will in fact be recognized that Apple has done a great job of getting everything listed in two small pieces weighing 4 grams each. This comes, however, with a price. And no, we're not talking about the € 179.00 you need to shell out to get a pair at the Apple Store. Given the method used to assemble all parts into solid equipment, repairing the same parts is almost impossible, and removing the glue that surrounds each part leads to its consequent destruction.

IFixit's final verdict, as we said above, was 0/10. This reinforces the idea that this product is in fact a product premium, in the most "abused" sense of the word: a malfunction in the Apple AirPods will mean buying a new pair (at least until Apple comes up with an individual parts purchase option in case of replacement).

At the end of the article you can find some pictures of Apple's new wireless headsets being disassembled step by step by the iFixit technical team (source).

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