If you use Android Auto in your car and you have a smartphone in your pocket with the possibility to upgrade to Android 11, you better wait a while.

This is because many users are reporting serious problems in Android Auto with smartphones that have the installation of Android 11.

Android Auto in serious trouble after Android 11 update

Android Auto

The problems are so many that most users stopped using Android Auto until an update arrives that solves the problem. Still, not all users have problems. In other words, what is happening with some models is not certain.

Some of Android Auto’s problems with Android 11

  • User interface is not fast
  • Calendar application disappeared
  • Notifications do not appear
  • Calls don’t go through the car’s speakers
  • Waze does not work properly
  • Phone blocked to the point of forcing a factory reset

The worst case scenario is the last problem reported above. Android Auto and Android 11 had such a problem that some users’ smartphones simply blocked them to the point of needing to do a factory reset.

Google has not yet commented on the situation, however, complaints have increased. Therefore, it is expected that the update to resolve the issue is underway.

However, if you have a smartphone with the possibility to update to Android 11 and use Android Auto daily, it is better to postpone this update until the resolution is made. Or risk it, however, don’t forget to backup your smartphone.

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