If you lived in South Korea, you would also collect your movie tickets

If you lived in South Korea, you would also collect your movie tickets

Some movie tickets never seen

If you are one of those who save or collect movie tickets, the world will fall at your feet when you see this. It turns out that a Twitter user has uploaded to his account several photos in which he shows quite special tickets of a South Korean cinema and the tweet has quickly gone viral.

Why? Because the tickets have nothing to do with the tickets we are used to, practically, the rest of the planet. As you can see a little below, what is delivered in the cinema when you go to watch a movie are some species of cards fully set and customized according to the movie you are going to watch.

South Korea movie tickets

The front frontal face thus shows a movie image, while on the back, in addition to the typical numbering, you can read the title of the film, who is its director, the actors involved and until the release date. Not only that. Judging by the image, this part of the ticket also serves as tab for the user himself the filling, since a ranking is shown to value the film and there is even room to write a brief analysis of what we thought.

South Korea movie tickets

A real jewel that is not limited only to Birds of Prey. As you can see below, there is also an equal version of amazing (Or better!) From the second animated movie of Frozen, with mirror finish.

Frozen 2 ticket

South Korea movie tickets

The tweet, as we said, has become so viral that people have been quick to respond. Another user has also wanted to record what “molones” are the cinemas of South Korea showing their tickets Bring the soul: the movie, a Korean documentary film about the famous BTS music group.

Before you take your bags and plan a trip to South Korea, you should know something (quite obvious, but just in case): not all cinemas there give such tickets. It is, apparently, something characteristic Megabox cinemas (we don’t know if more chains do). Other rooms give the usual tickets, while it is not uncommon to find those coins that allow you to print the image you want. We cannot say that they lack originality.

Collector’s pieces … for eBay!

We said that these tickets may well be collectibles and, in fact, they are sold in eBay Making a quick search through the buying and selling platform it is possible to find some movie tickets, for sale for a price that is usually around 60 dollars.

Korean entry

Just type “Korea cinema ticket” in the search engine and take a look at the tickets that are sold right now. Some, like the one in the Star Wars episode IX, hang a $ 99.99 tag, the same price as those of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood -In this case it is a pack of two tickets with two different designs and eye … there is only one left. Crazy.


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