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If you don’t own a smartwatch or smartband, it’s believed to be!

Market analysts at IDC believe that wearables will grow abysmally this year and the next 4 years. Smartwatches, smartbands and wireless headsets are increasingly commonplace in everyday life and analysts believe it will be an even more usual gadget.

We talked a while ago that Apple dominates this sector, however, we have serious competitors in the market. Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei or even Garmin. They all fight for your attention on the wrist.

Wearables will grow like never before

IDC predictions smartwatch wearables

IDC analysts dared to give figures. In their predictions, wearables will reach impressive numbers this year. Their calculations reached 396 million units sold.

In this type of wearable, any type of technology that can be “wearable technology” is embedded. We have small gadgets like rings, or even smart t-shirts. However, the most common are smart watches, smartbands or even small sports gadgets to measure heart rate.

The numbers are even more impressive if we move forward 4 years. The predictions are that in 2024 wearables will almost double to exorbitant numbers. To be more concrete, IDC’s forecast is 631 million units sold.

Apple Watch is daily companion

Apple Watch

In a personal touch, I have to admit that I only take the smartwatch off to bathe, charge it or work on the PC. I still don’t get used to having a watch while I type on the computer. Apart from those moments, the watch is constantly on my wrist.

In fact, I dare to say that I miss the watch when leaving home more than the smartphone. In addition, it was already useful for me to see a doctor where I had the opportunity to show him my heart rate in the last few days for a better analysis. Let’s just hope that all smartwatches evolve in that respect.

Take the opportunity to see our selection of the 10 best smartwatches in 2020.

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