If you are so good at playing The Last of Us, wait to try these new challenges

If you are so good at playing The Last of Us, wait to try these new challenges

New trophies for The Last of Us 2

The last of Us 2

In the same way that happened with the first The last of us, the game is going to receive an update with which they are going to add two new trophies to get, so if you are one of those obsessed with getting platinum for each game, here you will have a couple of hard rocks to crack if you want to make yourself with victory.

The first one will be the known realistic mode (Grounded), which will be responsible for removing the information HUD, as well as the sense of hearing that helps Elie detect enemies behind the walls. You will find much less ammo and the enemies will be more difficult to take down.

On the other hand, another trophy called “You can’t stop this”, which is obtained by completing the game in permanent death mode. That is, you cannot die at any point in the game, not even when facing that dreaded Swollen how much it cost you to defeat. Of course, it is most likely that this trophy can be achieved on any difficulty, so with a bit of luck you can get it without problems. What if you dare to complete both trophies at the same time? That would be a challenge and not to open all the safes.

When will these new trophies be available?

The last of Us 2

The information has arrived with some advance thanks to an update of the total list of trophies of the game, where they have been seen ahead of time under the Grounded Mode category. And it is that at the moment they are not available, making us think that it will not happen until patch 1.03 is available to everyone.

Neither PlayStation nor Naughty Dog have commented on this, so we do not know if it will be a simple quick update that will simply add these two new additions, or if on the contrary it will be a new, larger update with which to introduce the expected and more than leaked multiplayer mode of The Last of Us 2.


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