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If after watching Stranger Things you wanted to play Dungeon & Dragons, this book interests you

What is D&D?

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeon & Dragons a fantasy adventure game, released in 1974 and designed by Gary Gugax and Dave Arneson. These had played two board games called Dungeons and Dragon that had caught their attention. Those were the reasons why they decided to create their own and that, in the long run, it would become the great reference in the role world.

The original D&D game published by Tactical Studies Rules was divided in 1977 into two different editorial series. And that he did and still makes some people today to see that on the one hand Dungeon & Dragons, composed of several books (five boxes or sets plus updates of the rules until reaching the 5th edition) that were gradually introduced to new levels, enemies and adventures.

Advanced Dungeon & Dragons on the other hand there are three books that from the beginning already allow players and masters to face all levels. Although if you are going to start from scratch, better go slowly. That allows to better assimilate the mechanics of the game.

Wizards & Spells, a book to get started in Dungeon & Dragons

Starting to play Dungeon & Dragons is not difficult, but you must do it calmly and assuming that it is very likely that neither you nor your friends will have an idea at first. So, unless you find an already expert group to join, it is best to start calmly. And, above all, with patience until the games begin to lively. Free advice: don’t be ashamed to play your roles.

Still, if you want some help Wizards & Spells is published on March 10 (for now only in English), a book that comes from the hand of Wizards of the Coast and Penguin Random House. It explains basic aspects to start playing, such as the battle system, spells, levels, etc. All accompanied by illustrations that encourage reading.

These drawings are precisely one of the keys and attractions of this book, because they facilitate and make more enjoyable a set of rules and data that are denser than it might seem at first. Therefore, neither the smallest nor the oldest and least accustomed to this role-playing game will feel overwhelmed. And that is important not to demotivate anyone.

Anyway, although it seems to me one of the most attractive materials visually and easily addressed by users without previous experience, this is not the only book there is for get started in D&D.

There are the official books and start-up boxes of D&D where you can find the ressential eglas and everything you need to play a different adventure with different characters, also the dice. From that starting material you can expand with many other more books that exist and that give advanced rules or deepen certain aspects depending on whether you are a DM or a player. It’s all about starting and moving forward little by little.

The funny thing about Dragons and Dungeons is that it is a game as long and complex as you want. So at the beginning you can take certain freedoms and, as you progress, add new ones or take more strictly every aspect of the game.

Finally, it is true that D&D can be an expensive game if you intend to get all the books, because even if you are looking for there is a book about monsters. But you also have to know that the basic rules are also available as a free PDF, so you just have to download it and find a group to start playing with.

And if you want to see how others do it, on YouTube there are channels (also podcasts) that give you an idea of ​​what it is like to play and which you can join to accompany them in their adventures as a spectator.

Dungeon Dragons Strangers Things

So you know, if you were interested in the world of Dungeon & Dragons and did not know how to start, here is a good book to do it. And if it all started with the Netflix series, you can buy the Strangers Things Dungeons & Dragons starter set with its included demogorgon mini figures. What more could you want?

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