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LiDAR sensors and video recording

With the introduction of the new DJI RS2 and RSC2 also came a new autofocus system, the 3D DJI Ronin Auto Focus. This accessory, compatible only with the more capable model of both, the DJI RS2, offers an ideal autofocus system to use in conjunction with manual lenses or directly with those cameras that do not have a solution as reactive and efficient as, for example, the one that Sony offers with its cameras.

Of course, before continuing to advance in this and show you why it is going to mean a revolution in the world of video, let’s talk about what are LiDAR sensors really. Because this is how it will be much easier to understand the technology and what it will entail.

What are LiDAR sensors

It is very likely that the first time you heard about LiDAR sensors was during the presentation of the recent iPad Pro of 2020 or directly during the announcement of the new iPhone 12. Even so, these sensors were already being used in certain applications in the professional world.

However, it is true that it will most likely be Apple devices that help even more to publicize all that this technology has to offer. And it is not a little, because not only can it be used in augmented reality applications, within the world of video it can also bring great advantages.

Well, the operation of a LiDAR or T.O.F (Time of Flight) sensor it is basic very easy to understand. These sensors have an emitter and a receiver. The issuer is in charge of issuing pulses of light (imperceptible to the human eye) bouncing off objects in front of them.

This rebound is captured by the receiver that is responsible for measuring the time that has elapsed since it was broadcast until it returned. And all of this is done in nano seconds, so the information is instantly available to use.

With this information, by having with precision and detail the distance of objects with respect to a plane or object, it is possible to calculate the focus distance with total success. Well, there will be situations where this does not happen, but in general it brings so many advantages that it is difficult not to believe that they will be a revolution in the world of video.

Testing the DJI RS2’s LiDAR focus system

The creator of MAKE.ART.NOW tested this new focusing system with a lens with aperture f0.95, when it makes the focus distance to a minimum, with incredible results. So you just have to think about how the rest of the technologies and improvements applied to products like this new DJI gimbal could benefit creative works.

With a LiDAR system like this, cameras that until now were very difficult to use by a single user or in situations where you need to self-record and stay focused while moving or changing planes become the opposite. For example, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema does not have an AF system. As a good camera focused on cinema, they are designed to use manual lenses and be operated by a camera that could even have the help of an assistant or focuser when it comes to obtaining better results or facing certain recordings.

All that here disappears. DJI technologies and their gimbals allow the camera to perfectly focus on the user (saved some complex scenarios) and, in addition, follow it thanks to the tracking technologies also included. Therefore, if you are a content creator who works alone, basically playing as a boy band, this is the technology that you are interested in knowing and keeping track of.


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