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iCUE Nexus by Corsair, Apple’s TouchBar for Windows PC

TouchBar yes, but as an option

The TouchBar is one of the most controversial elements that Apple has introduced on their laptops recently. And that there have been some like the butterfly keyboard quite criticized. Of course, the problem is that adding this OLED panel that replaces the classic function keys, including the versatile ESC key, increases the price of the equipment.

Therefore, although there are those who justify the use of this bar with the options implemented by some developers in their own applications, adding shortcuts to certain tools or the ability to see the Final Cut Pro X timeline and scroll through it, the ideal is make it optional.

If the company allowed access to the same hardware configurations with or without TouchBar it would be much more interesting for everyone. Still, let’s go to the topic that interests us: you are a defender or lover of the TouchBar and you want one on your PC. If so, the solution is iCUE Nexus by Corsair.

A TouchBar for your PC

Corsair is one of those manufacturers that practically does not need many presentations, they have been marketing different types of accessories and components for the PC world for years. If you are interested in hardware and gaming topics, we are sure that you will know their storage units, RAM memory and other products such as keyboards and mice.

Well, Corsair also offers a device, a small screen that can be connected to your Windows PC via USB and that thanks to its software offer a wide range of possibilities to the user. It is, as they themselves call it, a command center from which you can access a wide variety of information related to the performance of your computer as well as direct access to specific applications or functions.

This small screen, designed for color right in front of your keyboard -with some of the company you can dock it as if they were just one-, gives very varied configuration options thanks to the software supplied by the manufacturer and that is only compatible with Windows. Thus, from the aesthetic point of view you can reproduce images on video or place icons with which you feel identified if you want. Although the really attractive is in the functions.

iCUE Nexus Corsair offers up to six programmable buttons that give you the option to launch different functions. For example, launch your web browser or application that you use to stream, a streaming music player, etc. Here you decide how you want to take advantage of it, either while you work or simply when you enjoy your leisure time.

Of course there is more, it also gives the option to monitor the performance of your computer. For example, you can see the load on the CPU and its various cores or even the GPU. All this represented by a graph where to observe the peaks and a value in percentage for the current moment.

The price of this iCUE Nexus by Corsair It is 99.99 euros and together with the Elgato Stream Deck, it is one of the most interesting accessories for many PC users with a gamer or streamer profile. So, if you did not know it and you are interested, follow the track because on the next Black Friday you will find it at a good price.


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