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Hyundai KAUAI EV: 100% electric compact SUV for UK

The Hyundai KAUAI EV is a 100% electric SUV presented in 2018 with 39 kWh or 64 kWh of capacity in the battery pack. EBox had the most powerful version of the electric vehicle for a day to get to know this 45,000 euro car.

The price of the 39 kWh Hyndai KAUAI EV starts at € 38 505, rising to € 50 805 in the version with more capacity (64 kWh), equipped with all the extras and driving support technologies available in UK.

The specifications of the Hyundai KAUAI EV:

  • Power: 150 kW (204 hp equivalent)
  • Battery: 64 kWh (capacity)
  • Torque: 395 Nm
  • Autonomy: 449 km (WLTP cycle)
  • Consumption: 154 Wh / km
  • Acceleration: 0/100 km / h in 7.6 s (Sport mode)
  • Maximum speed: 167 km / h
  • Charging power: 7.2 kW in AC / 80 kW in DC
  • Energy regeneration: 3 steps
  • Segment: 5-seater SUV
  • Weight: 1685 kg
  • Dimensions: 4.2 × 1.8 × 1.6 m (length x width x height)
  • Luggage compartment: 332 L
  • Base price in UK: 45 561 €

The 5-door SUV from the South Korean manufacturer, in this 100% electric version, joins the gasoline and diesel thermal versions, in addition to the hybrid version also available in UK. The tested EV is by far the most expensive version of this vehicle.

With vibrant colors, two-color bodywork and still modest dimensions for the segment, the Hyundai SUV presents itself as a family car. It is suitable for urban mobility, but has enough autonomy and power to challenge the motorways.

The price of the Hyundai KAUAI EV starts at 45 561 €

The KAUAI EV Premium EV + LED 64kw MY20 version on “tour”.

O base price for the version with a 64 kW battery pack it is 45 561 euros. There are three levels of equipment available for the KAUAI EV, gradually with more assistive technologies and driving assistance.

The first contact with the vehicle made it obvious bold design, in addition to interior space and versatility in this compact SUV from Hyundai. THE autonomy of the electric car is another immediate highlight, as is the manufacturer’s BlueLink platform.

The final value can exceed 50 thousand euros in the Premium Plus EV 64 kW MY20 version that incorporates all the extras. Here we have the full range of safety systems and driving support technologies, as well as better finishes.

The range of the electric SUV reaches 449 km on a WLTP cycle

Autonomy is the strongest point of Hyundai’s 100% electric SUV

The actual range is around 390 km and will depend on several factors, from the profile and driving mode, with sudden accelerations having a greater impact on this metric. However, it is a unrivaled autonomy in the SUV segment in UK.

The Hyundai KAUAI EV is capable of regenerating energy by braking and decelerating. The degree to which this regeneration is carried out is controlled by the driver using the tabs behind the steering wheel in three levels, or by the car and its driving profiles.

We have the profile Eco, with the highest degree of regeneration, the Sport with the least regeneration and the Comfort to present the best balance between acceleration, maximum speed and energy efficiency / consumption.

The electric SUV has a charging power at 7.2 kW in AC current and 80 kW in DC. According to the brand, we can charge the car in 9 hours and 35 minutes, or in 54 minutes up to 80% in a fast charging station at 100kW in DC.

Batteries are refrigerated and have an 8-year warranty by Hyundai

Detail of the rear of the cabin and two-color bodywork at KAUAI

Hyundai places an emphasis on 7 years warranty unlimited number of kilometers for the car and 8-year warranty on batteries, or up to 200 thousand kilometers. Factors that denote the brand’s confidence in its electric vehicle and that deserve to be highlighted.

It is worth mentioning that the batteries are cooled, something that allows for faster, continuous charging and increases the longevity of energy cells, in addition to having greater efficiency. At KAUAI we have a battery of lithium-ion polymers.

We have an electric motor with a output 150 kW, equivalent to 204 hp in a thermal engine. In practice, this allows us to reach a top speed of 167 km / h and go from 0 to 100 in 7.6 s in Sport mode.

The connectivity of the BlueLink platform extends to the mobile phone

In UK we have the Hyundai Acess Point app for mobile phones

Through the Hyundai Acess Point application for Android and iOS, we can be informed about various metrics such as autonomy, warning messages, revision dates, or plan routes and routes for new trips.

The app turns your phone into a hot spot, immediately establishing connection to the navigation system. The driver can thus use TomTom’s navigation services, obtaining internet in the vehicle.

Internationally the app is able to provide information on consumption, location, integration with Google search, and make automatic emergency calls in the event of a collision. All included in Hyundai’s BlueLink platform.

The large central screen in the center of ‘Infotainment’

The “heart” of this center is the 10.25-inch touchscreen

The interface is relatively simple to understand and, even while driving, we can use the touchscreen. There are direct shortcut keys flanking the screen, complementing accessibility. The brightness of it is quite intense.

The multi-function steering wheel is also populated with controls and buttons that allow us, for example, to control multi-media playback, activate the voice assistant, answer or reject calls, or use and set the cruise control, the speed limiter.

In summary, the driver is well served by controls, with all the controls and buttons well placed and easy to access while driving. The layout is well accomplished and manages to improve the driver’s experience.

We set the car in motion with the press of a button

Detail of the “Drive”, “Park”, “Neutral” and “Reverse” buttons

The “ignition” is activated by pressing the button on the right side of the steering wheel. Then, in this car with an automatic transmission, we chose the D (Drive) button to put it in gear. All controls are at the touch of a button.

We found these controls on the upper platform of the central column. There we also have a wireless charging point for the phone or headset, in addition to the USB port – for connection with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, in addition to the AUX port.

The lower platform of the central column has, on the left, a 12V port and, on the right, a second USB port, in addition to a large tray with space for storage. It is a peculiar arrangement, but it makes good use of the space.

There’s room for the family in this 100% electric Hyundai SUV

The KAUAI boot is small at 332 L

The cabin is very spacious, with a good driving position and very comfortable for passengers. In the back, the KAUAI has enough space for three people, with at least two being perfectly comfortable on the seats.

There is a folding armrest and tray for glasses in the center. We particularly like the seats with synthetic leather and fiber, more central in the version Premium EV, with space for the family and comfort for everyone.

The luggage compartment, however, is small (332 L), with space for three large backpacks and some other objects. When folding the rear seats, we can use 1114 L for greater transport. We also have the trapdoor under the trunk.

The bodywork is bicolor and the design is bold in this KAUAI

Like the optics, the body also features two sections in this SUV

With modern and bold lines, the Hyundai electric SUV is contemporary, Asian-inspired and with several colors available to the consumer. We highlight the two-color bodywork and the two optical groups, front and rear, separate.

The car’s lines are reinforced by grilles and plastic highlights that reinforce the bold look. The highlight also goes to the mirrors, in the color of the upper body, without forgetting the roof rails for cargo transportation.

The electric car is young, capable of defying the city and venturing out of it. Something that is noticeable in the creased lines, from the front to the rear, their optical groups and reflected in the interior design.

We have 17 “alloy wheels on the Hyundai SUV

Detail of the wheels and side view of the electric vehicle.

Hyundai also includes 17-inch alloy wheels in this SUV for UK in the range of equipment. Inside the cabin, at the rear, we also have storage nets on the backs of the seats, in addition to the side space, on the doors.

The front-wheel drive car has batteries at the bottom, especially at the rear. This is one of the reasons for the small luggage compartment and the slightly elevated position in the rear seats. In any case, passenger comfort is not affected.

It is worth noting that the entire cabin hard-feel plastics, some softer, but we didn’t notice parasitic noises while driving. O knocking on doors is smooth, making it easy to get in and out of the vehicle.

Technology and rear camera make parking easier at KAUAI

Vision provided by the rear camera and 360º view at KAUAI

THE rear camera has an ultra-wide-angle lens, and we also have rear parking sensors. The image and the 3-dimensional model is displayed on the large central 10.25-inch screen, with several route guides.

Parking this SUV is easy with the equipment that gives us several ways to view the car. We can opt for a three-dimensional view of a virtual model of the car, or for the real image of the rear camera and various angles.

The base version also has a driver fatigue alert system and a maintenance system in the lane. We also have the Krell sound system, and the navigation system, LED headlights and automatic air conditioning.

You have three levels of equipment in the Hyundai KAUAI EV

Detail of the LED headlights and the two optical groups.

The most expensive version also includes the maximum speed information system and Intelligent Cruise Control. It also has a blind spot detection chamber and emergency braking.

The South Korean manufacturer calls this set of Hyndai SmartSense which includes front parking sensors in the Premium Plus version. Here we have the Head Up Display that presents information on the translucent screen.

The tested electric vehicle also stands out for its cockpit virtual nicknamed “supervisory cluster 7 “. Here we have grouped the essential metrics, as well as the driving mode, energy flow, battery charge level and more information.

In conclusion, the Hyndai KAUAI EV is a competent SUV with good autonomy!

Analysis written and presented (video) by Rui Bacelar.

The price in UK of an electric car remains the biggest obstacle. That said, we found in the KAUAI EV a sporty SUV, able to get excited on the road and overcome any uphill, however steep it was.

The best quality of the vehicle is its autonomy, leader in the SUV sector at the time of this writing. It surpasses both the Peugeot e-2008 and the Kia e-Nero in terms of autonomy, being among the best electric cars in UK.

The SUV has essentially all the technologies we know when in contact with the Audi e-Tron 55 quattro, saving on battery capacity and, consequently, on power, acceleration and maximum speed.

There is, of course, some restraint in the materials used in the cabin, something that is reflected in hard-to-touch plastics. Still, their assembly is good enough not to create any parasitic noise or compromise driving comfort.

The luggage compartment is really small, but for a compact SUV the use of space is well managed. The end result is quiet driving in a car that inspires confidence and that you can see in our photo gallery.

EBox thanks Caetano Sport for providing the vehicle for testing.

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