HydrogenOS 11 is official! Discover OnePlus customization without Google services


HydrogenOS is essentially OxygenOS for the Chinese market, completely devoid of Google services. OnePlus announced in China HydrogenOS 11, based on Android 11. Although it is exclusive to China, it is worth seeing what this customization has to offer. Watch the video.

This update will be available for all devices released after the OnePlus 5T. This is an excellent way for OnePlus to keep old devices up to date and combat the weak distribution of the Android operating system, in addition to keeping older customers satisfied.

What’s new in HydrogenOS 11


  • Always-on Display
  • New gallery with integrated image and video editing
  • Take voice notes with artificial intelligence support
  • One-way usage
  • Zen Mode for multiple users (digital wellness mode)
  • Enhanced Dark Mode
  • Improved memory and performance management

These are the most relevant news from HydrogenOS 11. Regarding Dark Mode, it is so improved that it has an interesting feature: activation schedule. This is a function that Dark Mode users have been wanting on Android or even iOS.

According to OnePlus, the new Dark Mode has been certified with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), which supposedly will present internet pages in an even better Dark Mode, with better contrasts.

It is likely that OnePlus will eventually take the most popular functions of HydrogenOS and implement them in OxygenOS, its customization with Google services. However, HydrogenOS gives the company more freedom.

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