Huawei's future can be decided at next White House meeting in US

Huawei's future can be decided at next White House meeting in US

A meeting is scheduled for Monday at the White House in Washington DC. The meeting is about 'economic affairs' and of course Huawei's situation with the United States.

Executives from companies like Google and Micron will be present, as well as government representatives. This could be the first step in normalizing US business with the Chinese company.

Is this removing Huawei from the 'blacklist'?

This all started with Donald Trump's statement at the G20 summit. The US president said Huawei would be able to buy back American technology. However, the issue was 'marinating' because this decision has not yet been made official.

The US Department of Commerce must remove Huawei from the ban list. Maybe this meeting will have a positive conclusion for Huawei and things will get back to normal.

After all, HongMeng OS will not replace Android

One of Huawei's executives, Catherine Chen, said the operating system developed by Huawei is not intended for a full replacement of Android.

In fact, the so-called HongMeng OS will run on routers, data centers, computers and even tablets. In the meantime, mobile phones will continue to use Android for now.

This does not mean that Huawei has given up on its plans to create an alternative to Android. It is likely that behind the scenes, the Chinese giant will continue to work to protect itself from future attacks by world governments.

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