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Google Play Music is disappearing from Play Store for some users

In GooglePixel Reddit, some users are reporting that the Google Play Music app has completely disappeared...

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Watch the first foldable ‘hands on’ video

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This is how Android works double-screen on Microsoft’s Surface Duo

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Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha: Official Videos Show Screen Potential

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Huawei will launch a smartphone with 5G connection for the year

Huawei will launch a smartphone with 5G connection for the year
This is the new high end of the Chinese manufacturer. Glossy on glass but prone to fingerprints.

Huawei, along with Qualcomm, is one of the brands that is seriously attacking the 5G connection. The Chinese company is one of the world's largest in terms of infrastructure. Incidentally, UK is dependent on Huawei technology for 4G in carriers. Not to mention the routers that the brand manufactures for the fixed internet.

With industry study and development, Huawei is increasingly relevant in the technology world. Not only in smartphones but also in technology distribution to improve mobile connection.

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The Chinese company has already shown us 5G technology at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Huawei's investment in 5G technology is increasing

He said at the time that he could include his technology in autonomous driving cars. However, the Asian company will have to reduce the chip to an acceptable size.

This mission is believed to be completed next year. Analysts believe Huawei will be able to launch a smartphone with a 5G connection by the end of 2019. Looking at the brand's release schedule, the technology is likely to arrive for the first time in a Mate model.

Huawei Mate is a "guinea pig" project, as I like to call it. Like Samsung's Note, the Asian company usually uses its Mate to incorporate cutting-edge technology and realize if it is acceptable in the market.

The 5G will give users a new life for smartphones and the internet connection. Increasingly our equipment needs internet to work perfectly. Nothing better than a quick connection to make this use less painful. No one likes a website or slow.

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