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Huawei will attack Samsung and Motorola with this foldable smartphone

Huawei is working on a new foldable smartphone that promises to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Flip and the new Motorola Razr.

That is, instead of being a mobile phone that becomes a tablet when opened, this foldable smartphone is in a shell format. Therefore, it is a mobile phone that closes to make it smaller and more comfortable in your pocket.

This is Huawei’s future foldable smartphone

Huawei foldable smartphone

Looking at Huawei’s patent, we can see that the foldable smartphone follows the same ideologies as the Samsung and Motorola model. However, it is getting ready to give us a super screen on the front.

So far, the screens of Samsung and Motorola are more for visualizing small information and not for interaction. It is plausible to imagine that Huawei changes this paradigm with this model. This is because the screen has considerably larger proportions than the competitors.

Samsung Galaxy Flip
Samsung Galaxy Flip

We also see a smartphone with only a dual camera installed. However, we have to imagine that this camera will serve as the main and front camera.

This is because, it is fully believed that the smaller screen can serve as a “mirror” for selfies and that the size is sufficient for a video call.

As for the rest, there is not much information. We have no idea if Huawei will follow the same path as Motorola and Samsung on the display hinge. We also have no clear idea of ​​what technology they will use on the screen.

Unfortunately, a patent is just that. It does not guarantee that we will have the smartphone on the market, it just tells us that the company has worked seriously to develop it and that it is important to the point of patenting it.

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