Huawei wants to launch Smart TV that will stand out from the competition

Huawei wants to launch Smart TV that will stand out from the competition

The world of smart TVs is one of the ports that Huawei wants to start exploring later this year. According to Chinese manufacturer Nikkei Asian, Huawei plans to launch the world's first Smart TV with 5G technology during 2019.

This may be one of the reasons why Huawei has been delaying the long-awaited launch of its first Smart TV. According to this information, the television will be equipped with 5G technology and an 8K resolution screen.

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What are the practical effects of 5G on Huawei Smart TV?

With a 5G network, we will have ultra-fast data transmission. Obviously 8K content is still small and 5G is nonexistent, but when it is extensive, such speeds are welcome. In addition, virtual reality and augmented reality content will also appreciate such speeds.

Theoretically, the launch of Huawei Smart TV would be scheduled for April. Without any official announcement, such information proved to be false. Looking at the new information, interest in a release resumes, but we need to look at it with caution.

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Huawei has already told the public that it is not prepared for such a release during the first half of the year. It seems obvious that the company is working on a line of smart TVs, but we are still sailing in a speculative ocean.

Looking at Huawei's path, the company will not want to launch “just another” Smart TV to the market. When the Chinese giant launches this kind of hardware, it will want to stand out from the competition. And 5G is clearly a good way to do it.

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