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Huawei TV will be the first to receive the new version of the operating system for smartphones

The new Huawei smart screen, unveiled some time ago, were the first to receive Huawei’s intended operating system, Harmony OS, also known as HongMeng OS in China.

However, at the time, it was said that the system would only serve small gadgets. Well, at the 2020 developer conference, Huawei said that the new Harmony OS 2.0 is ready for more gadgets, including smartphones.

Huawei TV will be the first to have the new version of Harmony OS

Huawei TV with Harmony OS 2.0 for smartphones

That is, the television that debuted with the Huawei operating system, will also be the first gadget to receive the software update that is intended for computers, watches and smartphones.

Huawei’s goal is simple, to have a new operating system that can continue the good work they have done on the hardware. This is because the Android system without Google services and “capado” is not well received in the West.

We still don’t know in concrete which are the first smartphones that will receive the new Harmony OS 2.0. We only know that Huawei has already mentioned that many of its smartphones, currently on the market, will be upgraded from Android to Harmony OS.

We don’t know how users will react to this change. However, we also have an idea that the visual change will not be much.

It should be a major shock to computers. This is because the West is seriously glued to Windows and Huawei has already said that it is aiming to abandon the Microsoft operating system on its computers.

Huawei is in a delicate situation and the November elections in the United States may be the only solution for the Asian brand. If Joe Bidden (Donald Trump’s contender for the US presidency) wins the election, there is still a light at the end of the tunnel.

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