Home Android Huawei to receive new license to negotiate with US companies

Huawei to receive new license to negotiate with US companies

Huawei to receive new license to negotiate with US companies

Earlier this month, Donald Trump announced a new block to any deal between Huawei and US companies. However, Reuters says the Chinese company will again be entitled to a temporary license to continue its business there.

According to what is being advanced, the US executive will offer Huawei a new 90-day license. During this period, Chinese technology may continue to obtain US products without any hindrance.

This represents an extension of the license Huawei had received in May when the US government first blocked it. This license will expire tomorrow, but it seems that nothing will change.

Guaranteed hardware and software delivery for Huawei products

Under this new temporary license, Huawei may continue to negotiate with any US company. Be it Google, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Intel or any other.

In practice, this means that Huawei will continue to have access to Qualcomm or Intel processor technology. It also means that updates for Android are still guaranteed.

In short, nothing will change for anyone who owns a Huawei smartphone or computer. Security and system updates will continue to be distributed, at least for now.

Novel between Huawei and US seems endless

2019 has been a particularly busy year for Huawei because of Donald Trump's decisions. The inability of it to strike a trade deal with China that it pleases has made Chinese technology a "boxing bag."

Huawei has been used as a bargaining chip between the two powers. After the first suspension in May this year, the US government eventually retreated months later.

However, when China suspended its purchase of US agricultural products, Trump again stated that no further business would be done with Huawei. In this sense, technology has an uncertain future in its relations with America.

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