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Huawei smartphones with Snapdragon processors? It’s a possibility

It is no secret that Huawei is in a somewhat ungrateful situation. American companies have been banned from doing business with Huawei and this means serious limitations for Huawei’s hardware segment.

Huawei has always insisted on having its Kirin processors on its smartphones and if it weren’t for this serious insistence, perhaps the situation would not be as it is today. Now Huawei wants to return to using Qualcomm processors.

Huawei smartphones with Snapdragon processors

Huawei Qualcomm smartphones

Huawei said it is free to negotiate with Qualcomm to introduce Qualcomm Snapdragon processors to its smartphones.

It was said that there is a mutual interest, however, the situation continues to be analyzed by the US government. That is, it is only with your authorization that this can happen.

According to Newswire, Huawei’s Chair Man, Guo Ping, said: “We hope that the US government can reconsider its policy and, if the US government allows it, we are still willing to buy products from American companies“.

Incidentally, he also pointed out that Huawei has worked with Qualcomm in the past and that the partnership went well. To do this we have to go back to Google Nexus 6P, the Google smartphone manufactured by Huawei and with a Qualcomm processor inside.

The insistence on Kirin processors that cheated Huawei

Huawei tried to enter the American market with the operator T-Mobile. The presentation was made and said that Huawei mobile phones would arrive with the operator!

However, days later the American government said that Asian-branded mobile phones could not be sold in the US until Huawei gave them the “blueprint” for its processor, or else it used Qualcomm processors.

Huawei decided to tap its foot and did neither. That’s where it all started. Security officials from the FBI, CIA, NSA said that Huawei could be a national security risk.

With Donald Trump in power willing to take advantage of the trade war with China, measures were taken. Measures that left Huawei in the mobile segment. We will see to what extent Qualcomm can be your lifeline.

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