Huawei: smartphones with original Harmony OS are on the way!


According to Chinese technology source Sina, Huawei may execute its plan to launch smartphones with HarmonyOS in early 2021. HarmonyOS is the operating system developed by Huawei, with applications on mobile phones, tablets, computers and even cars.

With the rapid growth of HMS (Huawei Mobile Services), the company is increasingly confident in creating a total ecosystem. The final step is to make your own operating system available, so that you can compete once and for all with Google and Apple.

In fact, the company tries to compete with the Google Play Store and Apple App Store with its AppGallery. This is an easy task in China but not in international markets. Therefore, HarmonyOS would face the same difficulties as HMS from the beginning.


Still, Huawei has been giving suggestions that it will launch smartphones with HarmonyOS soon. During a conference in China, one of Huawei’s executives said that the first smartwatch with HarmonyOS will be launched later this year.

Huawei has no other choice

As the situation with the United States is, Huawei’s best choice is in fact to invest in its own operating system or ecosystem. This is because even the temporary license that the Chinese company had to operate Android has expired.

This means that even smartphones with Google service can be prevented from receiving important Android updates. Therefore, it is good that Huawei hurry to put HarmonyOS on their smartphones because Android users may become unfeasible in the future.

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