Huawei says no to Google Maps and chooses TomTom


Following the ban by the United States, Huawei wants to become increasingly independent of American technologies, including Google. Since it is not authorized to place Google services on its original equipment, the Chinese giant closed a deal with TomTom.

TomTom is a Dutch company (Netherlands) that manufactures vehicle navigation systems. Given the experience that the company has in the market developing GPS systems even before mobile phones, it is the perfect partner to fill the Huawei gap.

With this agreement, Huawei and TomTom can jointly develop a solution to compete with Google Maps. It is certainly difficult to compete with Google's services but at least Huawei will have its version of the guidance program, and will no longer be dependent on Google.

Will we have a “Huawei Maps?”

Huawei continues to sell despite controversies

In its home market in China, the situation with the United States has not affected Huawei at all. The company continues to sell its mobile phones with tremendous success. Even the experimental folding Huawei Mate X has seen 200,000 units sold in the Asian market.

Huawei will now go through a major adaptation phase. The company has already decided to simply break free from Google services instead of waiting for relations with China and the United States to resolve. This trade conflict between countries was the catalyst for the whole situation.

Truth be told, Huawei was “stubborn” in not wanting to put Snapdragon processors on their phones in the United States, as Samsung does. Anyway, it's too late to go back.

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