Home Huawei Huawei registers new names for its P range. (Huawei P300, P400 and P500)

Huawei registers new names for its P range. (Huawei P300, P400 and P500)

Huawei registers new names for its P range. (Huawei P300, P400 and P500)

Huawei has registered new names for possible equipment. More specifically Huawei P300, P400 and P500. These records were made to safeguard the name and prevent them from being used by competitors.

When this happens it is expected that new equipment will be revealed. The registration of equipment names is frequent and most of the time we see the terminal being officially revealed.

Huawei P300, Huawei P400 Huawei P500

Huawei P300, P400 and P500. What to expect?

Therefore, we fully believe that Huawei's "P" line may be about to change. I remember that the P range is revealed every year in the first quarter and the same should happen next year.

So far we have the P30, P30 Pro and P30 Lite. However, with these new records it is quite plausible that we have one more model to reveal.

Huawei P300

Unfortunately we have no idea if it will be another high end or a mid range device. In the trademark registration it only says that these names are "mobile phones or tablets". Since we do not think Huawei is launching tablets with the P range (which was not unreasonable), it is very likely that we are looking at future smartphone names.

We will only know this on the Huawei P40

However, we will only have a clear idea when the Huawei P40 is officially unveiled for the year. For now we will have the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro and only then the P range.

The truth is that the Asian brand is not ashamed to launch new equipment. It has shown in the past that it can saturate a market with its terminals and it is possible that it could do the same in order to recover the losses it had with the problem with the US government.

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