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Apple can reserve something unique for the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple will introduce support for 5G on its next iPhone 12. But what is referred to...

This camera takes photos of 3,200 megapixels of resolution

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Huawei receives more excellent news. Samsung gets the green light from the United States!

Not long ago Huawei was aiming for first place in the ranking of the world’s largest manufacturers, with the main objective of dethroning Samsung. However, the attacks and restrictions implemented by the United States ended up destroying its plans.

Nowadays, the manufacturer continues to fight for its global survival, having now received more excellent news. Samsung Display is the latest company to obtain a US license to resume business with Huawei. Thus, everything indicates that your rival will become your main supplier of screens.

Huawei Samsung United States

Little by little, it seems that the United States will continue to accept license applications from numerous manufacturers to resume business with Huawei. So far, the main names that already count on this list are AMD and Intel, being able to sell their processors again to the Chinese manufacturer.

Samsung Display may still need to overcome a complicated barrier

Although Samsung Display has already obtained the much desired license from the United States, there are still some doubts about the possibility of resuming the immediate supply of screens to Huawei. This is because, to produce its screens, Samsung uses several North American companies to produce some components necessary for the manufacture of the panels.

Therefore, it is possible that all companies involved in the manufacturing process need to apply for this license. Otherwise, the green light given to the “main company” ends up being invalid. This information has not yet been officially confirmed, but it goes against recent statements made by LG.

LG Display, Samsung Display’s biggest rival, revealed that it urgently needed to get the license to continue doing business with Huawei, but that all companies in its production line needed to do the same.

As soon as the United States confirmed that it would grant licenses to some companies so that they could do business with Huawei again, they were inundated with orders from hundreds of companies. As mentioned multiple times, these prohibitions have affected both Huawei and its suppliers.

In addition to AMD, Intel and Samsung Display, many large companies have applied for this license, as have MediaTek, Sony and Qualcomm.

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