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God of War Ragnarok could be exclusive to PlayStation 5

God of War Ragnarok could be exclusive to PlayStation 5 Images Youtube Videos

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Huawei president says the brand needs a "complete restructuring"

We can say that Huawei is doing well in the market. On both smartphones and infrastructures. The Chinese company is one of the most important in the implementation of 5G worldwide and one of the reference brands in the mobile world.

However, restrictions imposed by US President Donald Trump severely affected the company. Even though smartphone sales have risen, its business has been seriously compromised by Huawei's trump charges of spying on the Chinese government.

Huawei restructuring

Huawei president speaks of complete restructuring

That's why Huawei President and CEO Ren Zhengfei said in an internal document for his employees that Huawei needs a complete restructuring.

Huawei CEO

Unfortunately we have no idea what this means or what the consequences of this restructuring will be. However, we know that this kind of words is not exactly beneficial for company employees.

Huawei needs to distance itself from Chinese government

This is an important step, however, almost impossible. It is from the government of China that the largest investments arrive. The Chinese government wants to lead the future, and Huawei is a vital part of this program. Certainly for that, Donald Trump has banned US companies from negotiating with Huawei.

These measures were imposed to end the "trade war" between China and the US to end. A shot that is about to backfire.

This is because Huawei has already mentioned that it wants total independence from US companies in the coming years. For this Huawei will have to invest heavily. Not only on their processors and modems but also on the operating system.

The operating system, however, is already underway. Huawei has officially unveiled HarmonyOS, a system independent of Google's Android that is supposed to be able to integrate all of its products (and future products).

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