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Huawei prepares revolutionary technology for the camera of its smartphones

Huawei has established itself as a reference in the smartphone photography market. Its tops are constantly at the top of this segment and this trend is expected to continue in 2021.

According to a new report from China, Huawei is about to complete the development of a new technology for the camera of its range tops for 2021. The same is the adoption of the so-called liquid lens.

Huawei will adopt, in 2021, “liquid lenses”

The details of this new technology are not abundant, but thanks to it, the cameras of Huawei smartphones will get even better. An advance that will allow the Chinese to consolidate its leadership in this market.

Huawei P40 Pro

Apparently, the so-called liquid lenses will considerably increase the stabilization of the image. In addition, they propose to reduce focusing times to mere milliseconds, similar to what the human eye can achieve.

It is said that this new technology is expected to debut in the telephoto lenses of Huawei’s flagship next year. This will allow the module, instead of being the lens to move, to change the shape of the liquid through the voltaic alignment.

These lenses seem to be ideal for focusing on objects of various sizes or that are at different distances. Theoretically, this means that the zoom provided by the cameras of Huawei smartphones will reach a new level next year.

This approach has several advantages compared to the lenses used today. Among them we can highlight a better stabilization, faster focusing, dispensing of ToF sensors for measurements of depth and lower physical space.

In addition to new lenses, Huawei will use Sony’s new sensor

Following this story, the well-known Digital Chat Station offers additional details. According to him, Huawei will combine this new technology with a new sensor from Sony, the IMX782.

This sensor has not yet been introduced by the Japanese, so we still don’t quite know what to expect from it. What is known is that it will be aimed at telephoto lenses, precisely what Huawei is looking for.

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