Huawei predicts brutal drop in demand for new Mate 40

Huawei predicts brutal drop in demand for new Mate 40

The Huawei Mate 40 smartphone range is expected to be officially unveiled over the next few weeks. Following the usual launch schedule for Chinese technology, the Mate range will crown the third quarter of 2020.

Now, according to reports from Taiwan, the manufacturer has issued a 30% reduction in the volume of orders to several manufacturers of mobile phone components. Something that indicates a downward revision of sales estimates for Mate 40.

The Huawei Mate range is about to be announced

The reduction in the volume of component orders will be a direct reflection of the estimates made by the brand itself. Demand for future Huawei mobile phones will be in sharp decline, especially outside its home market, China.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer usually presents the new top processors, for smartphones and mobile devices, at the biggest technology fair in September, the IFA. However, in the course of IFA 2020 we did not get to know a new SoC Kirin.

The Huawei Mate 40 range may be delayed, both on the presentation date and on the market. Currently the manufacturer faces a worsening of the limitations imposed on the use of components of North American origin.

Huawei was present at IFA 2020

Even so, the technology had an online presentation, during which it made known several of the brand’s objectives, as well as the current situation, highlighting the commitment to its sector of smartphones and mobile devices.

We recall that in June Huawei estimated to sell up to 8 million units in the Huawei Mate 40 range during the fourth and last quarter of 2020. Since then, even the volume of leaks has slowed.

In fact, during the presentation at IFA 2020, little was said about the future of its Kirin processors, or its next major mobile phone launch. The situation reflects, above all, the worsening of relations between China and the USA.

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