It is already this Thursday, March 26, that Huawei will reveal its new high-end smartphones – the P40. One day after this presentation, the company officially confirms that the equipment will arrive with EMUI 10.1.

This information confirms the rumors that Huawei would not move to EMUI 11 anytime soon. The poster published by the company on the social network Weibo does not reveal the new features of the user interface.

EMUI 10.1
EMUI 10.1 will be presented together with the Huawei P40

Instead, it can be read in a free translation “Wisdom, Wonderful, Unlimited”. We will therefore have to wait for this Thursday to know more than the name of the most recent user interface.

Huawei P40 will be launched without Google services

The main focus should be Huawei Mobile Services. This is where Huawei will “strike”, as these will be essential for the company to continue to have smartphone sales globally. This is because, remember, Huawei is prevented from using Google services on its equipment.

It is not strange that Huawei bet on the name “10.1” for the new EMUI, because in the last two years the company has already done so. EMUI 8.1 was launched with the P20s, and EMUI 9.1 was launched together with the P30s.

At a time when Huawei has already lost third place in the global smartphone market to Xiaomi, the loss of Google services appears to be affecting the company’s sales. And the next Huawei P40 will be great to “measure your pulse”.

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