Huawei P20 – 5 wishes for the next high end Android

Huawei P20 - 5 wishes for the next high end Android
Huawei P20 - 5 wishes for the next high end Android
In the picture the P10, predecessor of the next high end Android, Huawei P20

The Huawei P20 is here at the door and all the changes that had to happen are already planned. With its presentation scheduled for February 26 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​the new high-end Android will have to change (and much) compared to its predecessor.

Personally, I even like the Huawei P10. However, with the technological developments and trends of 2017, the Huawei P20 will have to change in design and features. The Samsung Galaxy S9, Apple iPhone X or even the next LG and Xiaomi device promise to be a strong competition in both the European and Asian markets.

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Unfortunately we don't know much about the company's next high-end. Some say it will have an identical design to the iPhone X, others say it will have its own lines very inspired by the Mate 10 Pro.

So I decided to make my wish list for the next high end Android from the Chinese company. I only reduced my top 5 wishes.

Actually I have a lot more than these, but so as not to upset you too much, I will just mention the ones that I consider most relevant.

18: 9 borderless display (infinity display)

Huawei P10

I think this data is almost guaranteed, yet it remains one of my strongest wishes. The Huawei P10 had too many margins for 2017. The P20 will not only have to shrink the corners, but also find the most appropriate ones.

Xiaomi chose to leave the larger margin and the front camera at the bottom, a gross mistake. It's a problem making video calls with that smartphone. And don't tell me to turn the terminal upside down, it's simply groundless.

Although Huawei does not like Apple, it would be smart to follow Cupertino's company logic. If you have to give your smartphone margins, give it to the top. It is simpler to use and, in my view, elegant.

AMOLED display on Huawei P20 and P20 Plus

Huawei P10

Still with respect to the screen also needs to highlight the OLED screen. Huawei Mate 10 Pro already offers us this feature. In addition to saving on battery, the builds of an AMOLED or OLED screen are far better than an LCD. It's time to take "AMOLED" to the top of the line!

It is also important that the Chinese company apply to it a oleophobic layer that has so much saved in P10. There is no way to offer a terminal above 500 € without this layer. People like me who don't like screen films get their device screen totally greasy.

Water resistance

This is for me another must-have feature in a high end. Resistance to water and dust is super important on a smartphone. It doesn't mean that you go with him to take a shower, but having the tranquility in the face of bad luck is worth the investment. Bad luck that happens more than you think.

Also, in summer having a water resistant device is always good! You can take those catchy selfies on a swim in the pool!

Wireless charging is essential on Huawei P20

Yap, I know a lot of you don't want to know about this possibility, but it's so good to have wireless charging. I dare say that in 2 months of using the iPhone X I think I have not yet connected the cable. Since I work at a desk and the wireless charger is right next to me. The smartphone is always charged and ready to leave home.

The convenience of a wireless charger is only known to those who have dared and had the opportunity to test. Since my Nexus 5 I always said that this kind of possibility should be mandatory.

If the P20 really embarks with this feature the construction must also be of glass or ceramic. Something I prefer to the typical metal.

EMUI change and Android Oreo implementation

EMUI 8 is funny but needs better design

About the User Interface I can talk for hours and hours. EMUI was even getting better at P9. When I used the P10 I felt I stepped back. EMUI's design is not the most elegant, it is far from the most avant-garde and needs to be quickly improved.

Pure Android is getting better, so is Samsung Experience, and Huawei needs to keep up. A laucher solves the biggest problems but doesn't do miracles!

Still more? Of course yes!

I can talk about optical image stabilization in the rear cameras. I can refer some column stereo or the removal of the 3.5 "jack input and implementation of Bluetooth 5.0. But this is already tales for another story.

Above all, this Huawei P20 will have to show that it can truly compete with competitors, something the P10 was not. As much as we liked the P10, when we put it next to a Galaxy S8 it looks like we were looking at different ranges. It was no coincidence that the Galaxy S8 won the EBox award for "Best Design of 2017, Editors' Choice and Audience Choice."

I also hope that Huawei does not really differentiate the P20 from the P20 Plus as it did in the P10. The Huawei P20 Plus is not for everyone. Not everyone likes a huge terminal. Why should I invest in a phablet to have better features ?!

I already criticized him at Apple, I believe I will criticize Samsung in the Galaxy S9 and hope that the Chinese company does not follow the same path!

But be sure to leave me your opinion, what are your wishes for the next high-end Huawei?

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