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Huawei P11 Lite or Huawei P20 Lite? Is this your thing?

Huawei P11 Lite Huawei P11 Lite
Is this the next mid-range device from the Chinese developer?

After you have revealed your Roadmap official for 2018, we learn that Huawei will once again bring the Lite range to conquer the mid-range market. Truth be told, "Lite" devices are the most sought after in our market according to AppBrain data. Even today, the P8 Lite is the second most popular smartphone in UK and now the brand is preparing the Huawei P11 Lite or Huawei P20 Lite. Your name does not yet gather consensus.

Either way and whatever its name, we know that the next generation of Huawei P smartphones will hit the markets from the second quarter of 2018. Their presentation will be a little earlier, during the first quarter of 2018. Data to meet our predictions. A presentation at Mobile World Congress 2018 and a later market arrival during April or mid-March.

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Now, thanks to the Japanese branch of Amazon store, we get the first images of the protective covers for the Huawei P11 Lite or P20 Lite. Once again, we no longer know what your final name will be. As for your appearance, this is becoming an increasingly familiar sight.

Huawei P11 Lite or Huawei P20 Lite?

To illustrate these covers we have a very well represented representation of the devices. In fact, its appearance is quite captivating.

The smartphone in virtually all its splendor and truth be told, we almost forgot that here the main focus would be the protective covers. The device itself for now is still based solely on rumors.

On the other hand, it is well known that covers and accessories manufacturers often have prior access to the actual dimensions of smartphones. However, we have no way of knowing whether in this particular case the company relied on exact measures, exact or purely fictitious schemes. Made the warning, here is the image gallery.

Huawei-P11-Lite-Huawei-P20-Lite-1.jpgHuawei P11 Lite Lite Huawei P20 Lite Lite 2.jpgHuawei P11 Lite Lite Huawei P20 Lite Lite 3.jpgHuawei-P11-Lite-Huawei-P20-Lite.jpg

According to reports, the upcoming P-series devices will have a margin-by-margin display. Virtually no bezels and look very similar to Cupertino's new flagship Apple iPhone X. This would be in line with the brand's tradition. Several times the devices in this P series have been dubbed the "iPhone with Android". I fully understand why. However, for now nothing is settled.

Huawei P20 or P11 Lite, your looks can be dazzling!

This looks like you on there iPhone will even include notch. The area at the top of the front panel where we will have all sensors. The chamber. The handset Sensors and maybe even the technology needed to implement a face recognition mechanism similar to Apple's Face ID. Let's hope to see what the final look of the Huawei P20 Lite, or P11 Lite, will look like at this time.

Note that these images show us slightly different aspects for these devices. While some show us a virtually borderless device or bezels but still original, the other shows us a device very similar to the iPhone X. In any case, none of them displeases us. Both solutions are incredibly elegant. Especially for a mid-range smartphone.

Already in the back of this device we have what appears to be a dual camera. Camera has a vertical alignment. Just below is the fingerprint reader. Above, the LED flash to illuminate your photos. A look very similar to Honor V9.

Note that for now all are rumors. Even its name, Huawei P11 Lite or Huawei P20 Lite does not gather consensus. We haven't seen any real device photos yet renders disclosed by reputable sources like you Evan Blass For the moment, I advise some caution in interpreting all these data.

Huawei P11 Lite or Huawei P20 Lite will hit mid-March markets

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We'll have a little break now at Christmas. It is time to enjoy time with family and all those closest to our hearts. We will be back in force as early as January! Until then, we are here to bring you all the news.

For now we don't know what it will be called, be it P11 Lite or Huawei P20 Lite. Until it is released it will still run a lot of ink. Luckily you have EBox to give you all the information firsthand with all the rigor we are used to.

And you, what do you think will be called these Huawei P11 Lite or Huawei P20 Lite from Chinese technology? Leave us your opinion below in the comments. What is certain is that they will be very popular devices once they reach our markets as well.

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