Home Android Huawei: "Migrating from Android to our HarmonyOS system takes just a few days"

Huawei: "Migrating from Android to our HarmonyOS system takes just a few days"

Huawei: "Migrating from Android to our HarmonyOS system takes just a few days"

Huawei has officially unveiled its new HarmonyOS system. This new system is designed for all gadgets the brand manufactures. However, one of the reasons for its disclosure was that one day the HarmonyOS system will replace the Android system on smartphones.

After the US government banned companies from negotiating with Huawei, the Chinese company was forced to try to resolve the situation with its weapons. As such, it officially launched its system which had been in preparation for some years.

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Huawei again banned from dealing with US companies

This situation escalated again yesterday when US President Donald Trump reiterated that Huawei will be (again) banned from doing business with US companies. This means that the Android system will be left without updates until the issue is resolved. (Please note that the next Android Pie update should not be within this range as Huawei is already working on it).

Huawei executive (and CEO of the mobile department), Richard Yu, said the transition from Android to HarmonyOS is not a seven-headed bug. "If the Android system blocks us, we can transfer the Android system to Harmony OS very quickly and conveniently, it only takes 1-2 days to do so… however, considering the ecology and partners, our smartphones will give priority to Android system"

Is HarmonyOS the answer to the Android system?

I don't think Huawei desperately wants to bring its platform to users. Especially because it is a new platform that is only going to go out to the general public in China. That is, you will have your experience and feedback phase.

Still, Huawei knows it can't depend on a President like Donald Trump. The US-China trade war is making things difficult for Huawei. Since it is one of the largest Chinese companies operating abroad, it is not surprising that Donald Trump attacks China where it hurts.

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