Home Applications Huawei may be allowed to negotiate with some US companies

Huawei may be allowed to negotiate with some US companies

Huawei may be allowed to negotiate with some US companies

Second advances the The New York TimesDonald Trump may grant some US companies a special license to negotiate with Huawei. This authorization will concern "non-sensitive" material.

You understand what Trump will refer to when he speaks of "non-sensitive" material. They will certainly be products that will not endanger US national security.

It is recalled that Donald Trump's ban on Huawei was justified by suspected espionage. The US president believes Chinese technology will be spying on its users and providing this information to the Chinese government.


Will Huawei regain access to Google services?

It is not explicit whether this special license will apply only to hardware or whether the software will also be included. Should the last point be unblocked, Google will surely be among the first to resume its relationship with Huawei.

Huawei Mate 30s are in the mouth of the world for the absence of Google services. However, it is said that one of the next Chinese technology equipment will arrive in Europe with Google applications.

This could bode for the resumption of relations between Google and Huawei. If so, China has said it will be able to make Google services available on its devices overnight.

Special license will not resolve friction between Huawei and US

While this special license is welcomed, this will not be the end of the problem between Donald Trump and Huawei. The company was caught in the middle of the trade war between China and the US, and it will all depend on how these events unfold.

Donald Trump had already softened his relations with China's technology, but shortly afterwards reinstated a suspension. This is a clear example of how volatile US-Huawei relations are.

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