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This Juggernaut bug in Warzone makes you invincible with infinite lives

An immortal Juggernaut If it was already difficult to end the life of the player carrying the juggernaut, with this bug it will be impossible...

Xiaomi will launch a new projector that will give new life to your room

Xiaomi confirmed today that it will, next month, launch a new compact projector that will succeed...

Huawei looks to MediaTek as the only solution! You see

Huawei is increasingly looking to MediaTek as a solution for its smartphones. After the situation they...

Beats PowerBeats Pro: the complete review 2020

By purchasing Beats in 2014, Apple not only acquired the basics of its streaming service, but also a manufacturer of audio equipment. Since then,...

Huawei Mate X was supposed to be more like the Galaxy Fold

During an interview with Business Insider, Huawei CEO spoke a little about the development of Mate X. The folding smartphone had been given a different design.

In this sense Richard Yu revealed that originally the company had developed a prototype similar to the Galaxy Fold. However, the Chinese giant was not satisfied with the design and moved on.

The CEO states that having two screens, one at the front and one at the rear makes it heavy equipment. Yu says they had several models on the table but dismissed several because they were "bad".

Huawei Mate X takes a different approach than Samsung Galaxy Fold

Firstly, Mate X approaches the concept of folding smartphone differently. When closed, we continue to enjoy a panel that takes advantage of all the physical space.

Already the Galaxy Fold has its front screen covered by a huge frame. Additionally, when opened, Mate X has a larger screen than Galaxy Fold. Both features are somewhat subjective but are considered advantages by Huawei.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

So we have another difference. Galaxy Fold does not close completely on itself, leaving some space left in the hinge. Already Mate X folds out as a kind of back cover and fits on the side forming a more consistent equipment.

However, there are pros and cons to both designs. But thankfully Huawei has chosen a completely different design and in fact, if we look at the news, the Mate X is getting a lot of attention.

In short, Huawei is not a newcomer to the market and has all the technology to compete with Samsung. In this sense, they were also able to bet on super recent technology and receive attention. It remains to be seen how practical these folding smartphones will be.

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