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Huawei Honor V30: Real images clarify smartphone design

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Huawei Mate X is being a hit in sales

According to Sina’s Chinese communication, the Huawei Mate X folding is performing quite favorably in China, the only country where it is being marketed. More specifically, since its launch in November, Mate X has sold about 200,000 units.

This is a pretty impressive number considering 3 factors: short uptime, tight market, and the niche where Mate X fits. It is not a “normal” mobile phone but a folding one, a relatively new concept that is being introduced to mobile phone consumers.

Importantly, its competitor, Samsung Galaxy Fold, has already sold half a million units, according to the Korean company. However, Fold has the advantage of being a mobile phone available in South Korea, United States, United Kingdom and some European countries (UK included).

mate x

Huawei Mate X hasn’t left China yet

Due to the US ban and being a niche product, Huawei Mate X is not yet being marketed outside of China. However, with the advent of Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), the folding should eventually be launched in the international market.

Huawei Mobile Services is an application package created by the Chinese company to “replace” Google services. The Huawei P40 and P40 Pro will be the first mobile phones to receive this source bundle to address the lack of source Google apps.

More Mate X models are on their way

MWC 2020 will take place in February and will mark several releases by mobile phone brands. One of the phones will be the Mate Xs, a folding model with 5G support and improved build quality.

Additionally, Huawei is already developing the Mate X2, the original folding sequel. It is rumored that this will opt for a design more similar to the Galaxy Fold, a decision that can make the equipment stand out and original.

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