Huawei Mate X has similar problems to the first Galaxy Fold

Huawei Mate X has similar problems to the first Galaxy Fold

The arrival of Huawei Mate X on the market has been constantly delayed to prevent problems similar to those that haunted the Samsung Galaxy Fold. However, it seems that the Chinese technology has not been able to avoid all the problems.

From China – through Max J. – we get a video starring a Huawei Mate X and its broken screen. As with Galaxy Fold, the screen of this Mate X seems to be gone after a few days of use.

Huawei did not avoid fate similar to Samsung Galaxy Fold

The video in question shows a copy of Huawei Mate X with part of the screen broken and another in constant failure. It is impossible not to review what happened with the first copies of Galaxy Fold in this video.

We do not know if this is an isolated case or not. This is the first report of a Mate X with a broken screen, but we can't help but see the ghost of its main competitor in this story.

The causes for this scenario are unclear, but may be related to dust and debris entering the smartphone screen. After all, that was the explanation Samsung gave for the same behavior on its Galaxy Fold.

The fact that Huawei Mate X always has its screen exposed makes the device more fragile. A simple hard grip may be enough for your screen to break.

Huawei Mate X only arrived in China in November

Huawei's first folding smartphone took about nine months to reach the market. It was mid-November that Mate X was officially put up for sale, but only in China.

The reason for this delay was concerns about the smartphone's durability, raised after the problems that prompted the first Samsung Galaxy Fold units to be collected. Problems precisely related to your screen.

It now remains to wait to see if this was an isolated case or if it will come soon. In any case, this event will make many people even more afraid to buy this equipment.

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