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Huawei Mate X: Global Release Not Yet Sure

Huawei Mate X: Global Release Not Yet Sure

Huawei Mate X is China's first folding smartphone and is finally about to hit the market. With its launch in China scheduled for November 15, everything points to all problems being resolved.

However, not all is good news for those who live outside this market. A Huawei spokesman said the global launch of Huawei Mate X is "under review."

"Our strategy is based on operators' 5G implementation in different regions. For now, Huawei will make Huawei Mate X available in the Chinese market from November 15. The plan for a global release is under review.. "

Huawei Mate X

5G is one of the reasons Mate X may not leave China

In the statement made by Huawei spokesman, we read that 5G networks are the reason given for this thoughtful decision. The Huawei Mate X will hit the market with the Kirin 990 processor, making it compatible with new mobile connectivity standards.

Still, it may work in places where the network is limited to 4G. But of course it would be ungrateful to be giving over € 2000 for a smartphone and not taking full advantage of its capabilities.

Moreover, folding smartphones are still a very green concept and not all users are willing to give so much money for a copy. This will certainly also weigh on the decision the company will make.

Absence of Google services will also weigh on final decision

Although Huawei has not mentioned it, the problems it faces with the US will also be related to the possible non-global launch of Mate X. Chinese technology is currently barred from using Google services on its devices.

Since Mate X was introduced in February, we don't know if Google has already approved it. If this is the case then Huawei Mate X will be able to use its services just like the Huawei P30.

But if this folding smartphone cannot use them, it becomes very difficult to succeed in the European market. Take the example of the Mate 30, launched without Google services and have not yet reached our market. The same would happen with Mate X, so the company is considering its global release.

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