Huawei Mate 10, P10 and P Smart elected by Google's Android Enterprise

Huawei Mate 10 Pro already has a clone with wireless charging!
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They will arrive in the second half of 2018 to replace the current luxury alignment of the Chinese manufacturer.

Google's "Android Enterprise Recommended" initiative brings together a numerus clausus Android devices that the entire business sector can rely on. They are equipment chosen by Google as capable of meeting the most demanding safety and productivity standards and criteria. Devices and services that can meet business sector requirements. From Huawei Mate 10 to P Smart, the selection is very generous.

Now the Huawei announced in a press release that its Android devices have been recognized by Google. Indeed, it was the award-winning Huawei Mate 10, P10 series equipment and the most recently launched Huawei P Smart. All of them are among the first smartphones to be validated as "Android Enterprise Recommended" by Google.

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First, what are the selection criteria for an Android smartphone to enter Google's "Android Enterprise Recommended"? Above all, Google values ​​devices and brands / manufacturers that update their devices periodically. Especially as far as security updates are concerned.

Moreover, to enter the list of devices "Android Enterprise Recommended" devices need to have at least one major system update. That is, if X smartphone is launched with Android Nougat 7.0, it must receive at least Android Oreo 8.0.

Google approved Huawei Mate 10, P10 and P Smart series

We have even more secondary criteria, which are the most crucial. Now Huawei welcomes and gives reason for this decision by Google. Indeed, It is confirmed that the response of Huawei Mate 10, P10, and P Smart series to rigorous testing and benchmarks. Moreover, they passed with distinction in the testing process outlined by Google. Including the extensive equipment base. The massive availability of Android deployment, including installation “zero touch"

Google's "Android Enterprise Recommended" relies on Huawei

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The new high end is quite beautiful and also robust. Above all, it is original both in form and function.

Something highly valued is the delivery of security updates within 90 days of their release by Google. Not to mention the consistent application experience on Android profiles and mobile devices.

Company-centered resources; and behaviors designed to meet the needs of the most challenging and diverse business environments. As such, devices verified as "Android Enterprise Recommended"raise the demand for business mobility.

Being part of the Android Enterprise Recommended ecosystem. This distinction attests to professional users that the Huawei Mate 10, Huawei P10, and Huawei P Smart Series can be trusted to meet business needs. Moreover, they can make business delivery more consistent and easier to manage. In fact, they can also ensure that business equipment and services are current and up to date.

Additionally, the Huawei Mate 10 series, now also “Android Enterprise Recommended” includes the world's first AI (Artificial Intelligence) processor. This is the Kirin 970, an excellent battery and camera performance, where the HUAWEI P10 series is the leader, being the world's first Leica front camera smartphone. It also has 3D face detection and the effect bokeh from Leica.

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