The Mate line is one of the most important for Huawei, especially in terms of smartphones. These usually debut the new Kirin processors and also bring some new features that later end up transitioning to the P line.

But it is not just smartphones that make the Mate line and it looks like it is about to grow even more. The known leaker Teme shared on Twitter a list of names that may be an indicator of the future of this line.

Designations like MatePad or Matebook are nothing new, representing their tablets and computers, respectively. Mate and Mate X represent some of their smartphones. However, there are two designations that immediately catch our attention.

Mate Pod and Mate Watch: what will Huawei be up to?

The big news on the list are the designations Mate Pod and Mate Watch. We still don’t have products with these designations in the company’s portfolio, but they can be clues to what’s coming.

First of all, Mate Pod seems to refer to some earphones. These can coexist with Huawei Freebuds and even be included in the box of new Mate smartphones.

Second, we have perhaps the most interesting: Mate Watch. There don’t seem to be many doubts here and Huawei will be developing a new smartwatch.

Currently, the Chinese company has launched these gadgets with the designation Watch GT. But the information now revealed indicates a change in its strategy.

Once again, it remains to be seen whether this new line of smartwatches will accompany Watch GTs or replace them. That is, Huawei could continue to present Watch GTs at the beginning of the year as a product for the masses.

Mate Watch could be introduced in the fall, with more features and a higher price. We could consider these as Huawei’s most premium gadgets, those that would try to stand up against the Apple Watch.

Of course, this is all speculation and we have to wait for more data to understand Huawei’s real intentions. Certainly, these data will soon be known.

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