Home Android Huawei is again barred from negotiating with the US

Huawei is again barred from negotiating with the US

Huawei is again barred from negotiating with the US

At a time when the tension between the US and Huawei seemed to be being resolved, we are back to square one. At a White House press conference today, Donald Trump announces that the US "will not do business with Huawei."

These statements can be heard in the video above. This means that all licenses granted to US companies to continue their agreements with Huawei will be suspended.

Huawei caught up again in the middle of the US-China trade war

At the same press conference, as you can see above, Donald Trump indirectly explains what motivated this change in his administration's position. He says: "This does not mean that we will not agree to something if and when we make a trade agreement, but we will not do business with Huawei."

The trade deal that Donald Trump refers to is with China, which has seen some setbacks in recent days. The Beijing government has suspended the purchase of US agricultural products, and the suspension imposed on Huawei again appears to be the bargaining chip between the two powers.

The president's own statements indicate that he is willing to reverse this new suspension. However, this will only happen if a new trade agreement with China is reached.

Huawei barred from purchasing products from any US company

As in May this year, the Chinese technology company will not be able to purchase products from US companies. This means that Huawei will not have access to Qualcomm or Intel processors, not even Android updates.

All restrictions on Chinese technology in May will be effective again, even if it goes against the will of some US technology companies. According to Bloomberg, 50 US companies had applied for license to continue working with Huawei.

The Secretary of Commerce notes that all such licenses will be listed as pending. A decision will be made in the future, but with this new impediment a green light seems increasingly distant.

What are the consequences for Huawei users?

For those who already have a smartphone or computer from China, this means they will not receive new updates. At least until this new restriction is lifted.

For your smartphones, everything will continue to work as it has so far, except for the arrival of new security or system updates for Android. For future equipment, there is the news that they will have to look for an alternative at both hardware and software level.

Huawei today unveiled to the world its own operating system, known as HarmonyOS. This will be the Chinese technology alternative to Android and will equip other products of the company's portfolio.

As for smartphones, Richard Yu says HarmonyOS will reach the company's smartphones in the next three years. After this new decision by the US government, we will see if Huawei will not be forced again to speed up its projects.

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