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Podcast Technology 152: The Technological Controversy | w / Tiago Ramos

This week's Technology Podcast is guaranteed to be interesting! I know it's suspicious to say this,...

Google will quit Ubuntu and switch to Debian

Google, a company we associate almost immediately with the search engine and Android. An open source...

Facebook was down and Telegram was the big beneficiary

We didn't talk about anything else on Twitter yesterday. Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp were down...

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 has now started receiving the desired update

The Xiaomi Pocophone F1 was most likely one of 2018's biggest surprises. Featuring high-end specs and...

Huawei. Intel achieves “miracle” and is the first to receive “green light” from the USA!

Huawei continues to see its success in international markets threatened by the various impediments imposed by the United States government, which have banned all American companies from supplying products to the Chinese manufacturer. However, little by little, it seems that Huawei may start to gain more hope.

According to the Chinese website CLS, Intel was the first company to achieve the feat of receiving the special license to resume its business with Huawei. I recall that these licenses were made official a long time ago, but until now there was no confirmation that they had been authorized.

Intel Huawei

It is true that the summary of the deals between Intel and Huawei will not affect the serious situation of the brand’s smartphones in any way, but it will at least guarantee that they can continue to produce their portable computers without any problem. Considering the manufacturer’s recent investments in this segment, it will certainly be a giant “air bubble”.

Huawei may return to the limelight as early as 2021

This year was predicted to be extremely important for Huawei, especially after its president confirmed several times that the main objective would be to dethrone Samsung and become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. However, the United States had very different plans for the controversial Chinese manufacturer.

After several attacks that banned Huawei from accessing products and services from US companies, Huawei has moved from a dominant brand to a company at risk of extinction.

Now, even if it has not been confirmed, everything indicates that the scenario could turn 180º already in 2021. With Intel gaining access to the much desired special license, it is believed that more companies will follow in their footsteps. Certainly, Google will “squeeze” the US government to grant them the license for the next few months.

As soon as this happens, all Huawei smartphones will be able to offer their users Google services and applications again, through a simple software update.

While several Huawei executives have stated that they do not need Google to succeed, this is not true. In several international markets, Huawei smartphones are no longer sought after simply because they lack Google services, essential for users in Europe.

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