Home Android Huawei: HongMeng OS smartphone expected to arrive in 2019

Huawei: HongMeng OS smartphone expected to arrive in 2019

Huawei: HongMeng OS smartphone expected to arrive in 2019

After major problems created by the US government, Huawei was forced to accelerate the entire development process of its own operating system. This operating system, HongMeng OS, may be able to completely replace Google's Android.

However, it remains unclear whether this OS will be unique to the Chinese market, or whether the manufacturer has already been able to adapt the operating system to make it compatible with international markets.

First smartphone with HongMeng OS may be introduced soon

The latest information comes from the Chinese website Global Times, where it was revealed that Huawei's first smartphone with HongMeng OS will hit stores during the last quarter of 2019. Moreover, the site also advances that its price will be around € 260.

It was revealed that the manufacturer already has this smartphone in the testing phase, being aimed at the mid-range segment. Its attractive price will have as its main objective, to entice developers to its new ecosystem.

The Global Times source says the new smartphone should be presented side by side with the new Mate 30, and several million units will be available in stock.

HongMeng OS will not debut on smartphones

As we have already revealed, Huawei's new operating system will not debut on smartphones, nor will it debut on a branded product. It will be Honor who has the privilege of introducing the first product that will come with integrated HongMeng OS.

Therefore, the first Honor Smart TV will be responsible for the official launch of the new operating system. This option is not at all strange since the OS was developed especially for IoT products.

At its initial development, HongMeng OS was designed with intelligent products and other industrial applications in mind. In essence, Huawei wanted to create an ecosystem where it could interconnect all its smart gadgets. With the recent attacks from the United States, it eventually adapted the system also for smartphones.

One of HongMeng OS's strengths, like Google's Fuschia, is that it can adapt to different products in a very versatile way. Therefore, it will be the perfect platform to implement in various gadgets and smart products.

Once you have confirmed your compatibility with Android apps, your smartphone expansion will surely be much easier and faster.

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