Huawei ends relations with the United States! Google apps are a thing of the past!

Huawei United States Google

During a recent interview, one of Huawei Austria’s senior officials said that even if the U.S. ban is lifted, Huawei will not use Google applications again.

Ever since the United States government decided to put Huawei on its black list, the brand has been living quite complicated times in international markets.

Huawei United States Google

One of the major consequences of these actions was the inability to use any Google application or service on their new smartphones.

Huawei is achieving excellent results, even without Google!

Even without being able to use the popular Google services on its new smartphones, Huawei is managing to maintain impressive sales figures.

Although the results were strongly influenced by the huge increase in sales in China (where Google services are not used), the brand has always managed to maintain profitable results.

Huawei without Google in Europe? It seems impossible to be successful

There is no doubt that Huawei is doing an excellent job of developing alternatives to Google’s applications and services.

However, it will certainly be impossible to become a rival to match, considering the many years of experience and development they already have.

In addition, especially in European markets, Android smartphone users already have these services “embedded” in their lives and their daily lives.

Huawei Google

Despite being an extremely confident and optimistic statement, it seems very unlikely that Huawei will not take advantage if it is authorized to use Google services again.

Even if it maintains its services in China, the return of Google applications would be the only way to regain its prominent position in Europe.

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