The EMUI 11 will be the next version of the customization that Huawei puts on top of Android. Based on Android 10, this version will focus on developing the ecosystem that Huawei is trying to cement, for mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

However, according to the Chinese website of Huawei, the EMUI 11 will bring a gesture that is a novelty: double tap on the back of the phone. Through sensors such as gyroscope and accelerometer, equipment with EMUI 11 will be able to recognize specific touches.

These double taps on the back of the phone will serve to activate actions. Silencing your phone, clearing notifications or activating Google Assistant (on phones that have GMS) are some of the potential possibilities with this feature.

The same gesture will come in Android 11

The truth is that Huawei is simply adapting a gesture system that will already come on Android 11. As shown in a demo in February on a Google Pixel, Android 11 will support a double tap on the back to activate certain functions.

However, it appears that Android 11 will only implement activating Google Assistant with a double tap. It remains to be seen whether the remaining manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo will make use of this novelty, when the arrival of Android 11 to their equipment.

This function recalls LG’s “Knock Code”, where the user touched the screen in an invisible pattern to unlock the phone. It is a small addition to Android but it can be used for useful functions and streamline the use of the mobile phone.

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