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The conclusion is advanced by DECO, denouncing a simultaneous disappearance of prices of MEO, NOS and...

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Downloads For TV boxes

Downloads For TV boxes EntertainmentBox Downloads And Information This is the EntertainmentBox Download page you will get access to all the latest Downloads, XBMC’s, Kodi, Firmware, Apps, just...

They run Super Mario 64 on Android natively and without emulators

Now what Super Mario 3D All-Stars is in stores, the fever for the mythical first version of Mario in three dimensions once again reaches...

Huawei delivers on promise and achieves 2018 goals

Huawei 2018 smartphone success goals
Huawei continues to surprise, achieving 2018 targets ahead of schedule

Huawei is well on its way to finishing highs in what was probably the Chinese manufacturer's best year ever. Its growth was simply incredible, having precious help from its subsidiary, Honor.

Earlier this year, the company set its sales targets for 180 million smartphones. However, it eventually increased that number to 200 million in August, recently stating that it would be able to meet its target on December 25.

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Well, your plans have been 'ruined'. Huawei has now announced that the 200 million handset sold in 2018 has been surpassed today, a day earlier than expected.

Huawei delivers on promise and exceeds 2018 goals

According to an interview given to CNET, most of these excellent results are due to the widespread popularity of smartphones such as the P20, Mate 20 and Honor 10. Moreover, we must not forget the major problems facing the manufacturer in the United States. .

Huawei smartphones are currently virtually non-existent in the US market. Especially after the latest developments in Canada, with the Huawei 'heiress' being detained by order of the Trump government, it does not appear that the situation could be resolved anytime soon.

India Huawei Mate 20 Pro Android smartphone

Still, the Chinese manufacturer continues to present itself as a real threat to Samsung. Especially after completely gaining user preference in various European markets and also in China.

These recent brand results are simply stunning. Especially if we remember that not many years ago, few users recognized the brand name.

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Huawei makes Android Pie available to a handful of smartphones

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