Huawei is one of the technology companies that is also struggling to fight this terrible and ruthless virus. Therefore, Huawei created a technology that can diagnose the COVID-19 in just 2 minutes with a 98% success rate.

This project is being implemented and still needs a counter-analysis, however, it is an important step for COVID-19 tests worldwide.

Huawei uses Artificial Intelligence for diagnosis

Corovavirus COVID-19 Huawei

First, Huawei needs a CT scan of the patient’s lungs. Soon after, the data are crossed with the database – which is mostly Chinese – and with Artificial Intelligence it is able to identify with 98% certainty whether or not the patient in question is infected with the new Coronavirus.

The test is already in an experimental phase in Ecuador and the Philippines and looks promising. Typical tests usually take several hours to complete.

There are other countries that are trying to improve the testing phase and are doing so successfully, however, not as much as this Huawei test. Still, it is worth noting that this is a test that requires the patient to go to a hospital to undergo such a tomography.

If possible, stay home

It is worth stressing the importance of staying at home whenever possible. You will have time to take your tours and visit the world. This is a time when we need the UK’s (and the world) to be, more than ever, united. But separate.

Social distance is important so that the virus does not make us a country with a health service without being able to respond to the most serious cases of the disease.

In short, stay home if possible. If you have to leave, wash your hands constantly and avoid touching your face. EBox leaves a special thanks to all those who continue to save lives around the world and for all those who go to work in places essential to our lives.

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